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Janice Jensen


I specialize in show running TV series and documentaries, and creating pilots and sizzles for networks including HGTV, DIY Network, Travel Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic and more. Genres include crime reenactment, documentary, talk show and reality TV. Latest hits "Tiny House Big Living" and "Tiny Paradise" chronicle passionate DIY'ers and builders as they design and create some of the most tricked-out and clever tiny houses out there. The series have led to multiple spin-offs and one-hour specials. I've managed more than 140 shows in the last 4-years.


HGTV's "Tiny House Big Living" for Dorsey Pictures - Executive Producer

HGTV's "Tiny Paradise" for Dorsey Pictures - Executive Producer

HGTV's "Containables" for Dorsey Pictures - Executive Producer

DIY Network's "Bus Life Ever" for Dorsey Pictures - Executive Producer

HGTV's "Mighty Tiny Houses" and "Mighty Tiny Houses 2" - Executive Producer

HGTV's "How Are They Now" special for Dorsey Pictures - Executive Producer

Discovery Channel's "Maine Lighthouse " - Executive Producer

HGTV's "Tiny House Jamboree" special - Executive Producer
National Geographic's "World's Weirdest: Creepy Cures" for Dorsey Pictures - Producer/Writer
HGTV's "New House, New Life" for Dorsey Pictures - Supervising Producer
HGTV's "Living Alaska" for Dorsey Pictures - Writer
Gaia's "Black Whole" - Producer/Writer

Gaia's "Secrets of Water" - Producer/Writer
Discovery Health's "Two Sisters, One Heart"  - Producer/Writer
Animal Planet's "SnakesKin" - Producer/Writer
Animal Planet's "Gator Farm" - Producer/Writer
TLC's "Jon & Kate + 8" - Producer
Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" - Writer

Travel Channel's "Home for the Holidays" - Executive Producer
Emmy-nominated Discovery Channel's "Chasing Lance" - Exec Producer/Writer
Animal Planet's "Wildlife Wars" movie/memoir hybrid - Executive Producer
Discovery Channel's "Second Opinion with Dr. Oz" - Supervising Producer
Animal Planet's "Busted" - Executive Producer
Travel Channel's "World’s Best Beaches" - Executive Producer

Travel Channel's "America's Best Beaches" - Executive Producer
Animal Planet's "Breed All About It"- Executive Producer
Animal Planet's "Emergency Vets" - Producer/Writer

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